Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bucket List

Question... Is there something that you've always wanted to do? Or maybe you've recently found a passion for something? Do you even have dreams anymore? Unfortunately, most people have given up on them long ago. Dreams, a passion, a purpose... these things are important. I think that when we stop dreaming, when we stop pursuing a goal, we begin to merely exist. That's a sucky way to go through life. I know that God did not create me to merely have me "exist" here on earth for a little while. I'm the kid of a King! I know that He wants the best for me. I mean, I want the best for Avery in every aspect of life... and I'm merely human. I can only imagine that God wants me to have fun, be prosperous, be healthy, and live a very full life in His will! Why wouldn't He?
So... I've decided to create a "Bucket List" (name taken from the movie). If you haven't seen it (first of all, I'd recommend it) I'll explain what this is all about. A "Bucket List" is a list of things you'd like to do/accomplish before you "kick the bucket." You can have as many as you want on your list. I've decided that 100 is a good goal for me. That way, when I can cross one off my list I still have a lot of living left to do. However, I only have 80ish goals listed. I'd welcome any feedback or suggestions. I challenge you to create a "Bucket List." Even if there's only 10 things on it. This can, at least, give you some direction in the future. Like Yogi Berra said, "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." Berra

Here is my Bucket List...

1. Live debt free and job free (both of us)

2. Earn the right to be part of the LTD Diamond Team

3. Bear 4 children

4. Adopt children

5. Learn Spanish fluently

6. Take a dance class

7. Take a cooking class

8. Travel aboard "The World"

9. Have an Exclusive Resorts Membership

10. Go on a cruise (eventually once a year)

11. Visit all of the baseball parks in one summer

12. Visit all NFL stadiums for a game

13. Relearn sign language

14. Pay for a cruise for my family

15. Take care of my parents and Jon's dad financially

16. Fund/Build a Mercy Ministries home

17. Help build/fund a Liberty Prep Christian Academy in Lancaster &; send my kids there

18. Lead/Start a study abroad/exchange/experiential learning program

19. Write a juvenile fiction book

20. Own property with 100+ acres

21. Buy my parents' house and keep it in the family

22. Own & build multiple homes in various parts of the country/world

23. Pay for my kids' college (if they decide they'd like to go) with one check per year - NO PAYMENT PLAN

24. Have an "Alice" like the Brady Bunch did

25. Own a first edition of many of the novels that are considered "American or British Classics"

26. Spend a week in NYC with my mom each year

27. See a Broadway show

28. Fund the Ole Kirisuah's ministry to the Maasai people in Kenya

29. Visit food establishments highlighted on the Food Network and Travel Channels

30. Take the kids to Disney

31. Give monthly to every ministry I can (KCM, Mercy Ministries, Outreach America, Hope Int'l, Joyce Meyer, Wallbuilders etc...)

32. Visit Pixar Studios & have a character created after me :)

33. Go to a summer and winter Olympics

34. Build a "hobbit hole" (like Bag End from LOTR) as a playhouse for my kids

35. Hang glide

36. Parasail

37. Learn to really rock climb

38. Learn to ski (water & snow)

39. Own a boat & jetskis

40. Learn to ride a horse

41. Fit back into my wedding dress

42. Own a street legal motorcycle as well as a dirtbike and/or 4 wheelers

43. Go crabbing and deep sea fishing

44. Learn to sail
45. Stay at Peter Island (by qualification)

46. Whale watch at Diamond Club in Hawaii

47. See the Grand Canyon

48. Travel to... Australia ... and... go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

49. Travel to... New Zeland ... and... travel to LOTR locations.

50. Travel to... Japan ... and... try authentic sushi.

51. Travel to... China ... and... walk on the Great Wall.

52. Travel to... Alaska ... and... see the Arctic Circle.

53. Travel to... India ... and... see the Taj Mahal.

54. Travel to... Kenya ... and... build orphanages there.

55. Travel to... S. Africa ... and... take a hot air balloon safari.

56. Travel to... Italy ... and... see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

57. Travel to... Greece ... and... visit Santorini Island.

58. Travel to... France ... and... watch the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower for Independence Day.

59. Travel to... Spain ... and... WATCH the running of the bulls.

60. Travel to... Bahamas ... and... ride the water slide at the Atlantis resort.

61. Travel to... Haiti ... and... build homes/orphanages

62. Travel to... Brazil ... and... participate in Carnivale.

63. Travel to... Chile ... and... visit Easter Islands.

64. Travel to... Mexico ... and... climb the ruins.

65. Travel to... S. Korea ... and... have Trish show me around

66. Travel to... California ... and... learn to surf.

67. Travel to... Egypt ... and... see the pyramids

68. Travel to... Uganda ... and... climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

69. Travel to... Switzerland ... and... stay in a Swiss ski chalet (ski & mostly drink hot cocoa!)

70. Travel to... Trinidad & Tobago ... and... have Jonny give me a tour of his trip.

71. Travel to... Vietnam ... and ... take my dad & mom.

72. Build/design a high & low ropes/challenge course.

73. Fashion week in NYC with Carey! :)

74. Send postcards from awesome places to those who've said I'll never get there.

75. Live on only 20% of my income and give the rest away

76. NBA Finals tickets & season tickets for the Celtics for Jonny

77. NCAA Final Four games every year that we'd like

78. Big game hunting trip for my dad out west

79. Visit Sesame Street and make my own "Mandy" muppet.

80. Fill the Giant Center with ambitious people for the LTD team and watch their lives be transformed by the Truth.





















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