Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More snow anyone??

February is almost over... and we're supposed to be moving on to spring soon. I'm not so sure about that. This month has been one of the snowiest I can remember.  I know that many people hate the snow (including Jonny who vows to me that someday we MUST own a second home in the south somewhere so that he can get out of the cold and snowy weather. Ava's not a fan yet either. I think mostly because it's easy to fall down and we don't really have a "snowsuit" for her so she gets wet and cold. She seemed okay when she was on the porch and had better footing... :)  I'll be honest. I don't mind it. I think the snow is beautiful. Maybe it's because there are great memories associated with snow for me.
My dad would always play in the snow with us and, of course, Bruno (our St. Bernard) LOVED the snow. I remember snowy Christmases and sledding down the hill at Aunt Mim's house by the barn. My dad would put us in all of our snow gear and drive to an empty parking lot somewhere in the Blazer and do donuts while Rachel and I went wild inside! :) I remember one particular blizzard where my cousin Matt was getting married (the first time) and we ventured to the wedding in our snow boots, snow pants, and heavy winter coats. On our way to the reception we helped some other family members out of the snow or just piled everyone into our Blazer when they were in a snow bank. Rachel and I rode in the bed/trunk/back of the blazer and we all got to take home extra chicken cordon bleu from the reception. (Most people couldn't get there and they had already paid for it!) We ate that chicken for a LONG time.

I think one of my favorite memories and a tradition that I wish could continue, was Snow Day Breakfasts at Grandma's. Living across the road from my grandparents was amazing...although, I wish Grandpa had been alive long enough to participate in the snow day traditions. My aunt, Bonnie, and my cousin, Justin, lived with Grandma, and she taught in the Dover district. This was KEY! When ever we all had snow days, we'd trudge over to Grandma's and have a pancake feast like no other. I'm not sure if it's the griddle or their extra love, but Grandma (& Bonnie's) pancakes are STILL THE ONLY PANCAKES I LIKE!!!! We'd sit around eating heaping mounds of pancakes and laugh and talk. When I got married and moved to Lancaster I realized how much I missed this tradition. My first snowfall here in Lancaster was when I called Grandma. She said that if I could get there she'd make pancakes. I miss her even more on snow days now.

First snowstorm on 2/6/10

Beginning of snow...11:30pm snowstorm on 2/9/10   - Look how bright it is!!!
The lights in the distance are those of the driving range behind our house @ Overlook Park.

Wednesday morning 2/10/10 during the snowstorm...

When it was all over... So peaceful...