Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yeah... I know...

Okay, so I said I'd try to do this once a week. I have been slacking a little lately. However, I've been very busy/productive... so that has to count for something. I've been learning to sew. Yep. Me. I have always liked little crafty stuff, but now I want to learn to do fabric projects and make fun things for myself and others. I've found a few blogs that are sparking my interest and Jon notices a bunch of JoAnn Fabric bags around here now. Oops... I thought I hid those better. :) Some of my "free time" has been taken up with learning how to do sewing projects.

Thanksgiving has also just taken place. It was wonderful! Jon's family got to come and share the holiday with my family and I have to admit it is my favorite holiday. I love Christmas too, but I sometimes feel like the commercialism of Christmas outweighs its real meaning and something gets lost in the shuffle. Although, this year, I'm excited to see how Avery treats Christmas. Yesterday when we were at the mall she wanted to sit and watch "HO HO" (Santa) while he sat in his big chair and got pictures with other little kids. (By the way, the REAL Santa is here in Lancaster. No joke. That guy is the real deal.) She wanted to watch him from outside the gate and sometimes wave to him. When I asked her if she wanted to let him hold her or go and see him she said NO. I guess we'll work our way up to that. She is enamored by the Christmas lights. We took at drive out to visit a friend in West Chester last night and we played the "I see lights" game.  Every time I saw a house decorated with lights I'd point them out to her and she'd sit in the back and exclaim, "OHH BOY!!!" It was hilarious! She is so funny. Jon was cracking up laughing.

She's going to love going to New York City sometime to see the Christmas lights. Mom and I went on Monday.  She has always wanted to take the train to NYC around Christmas to see the lights. This year, she retired, so now she has her days to do with as she pleases. We decided to take the train from Lancaster to NYC for the day and see what was already decorated and such. It was beautiful. Although, the tree at Rockefeller Center wouldn't be lit for a few days and it was drizzling all day, it was a great day! We saw Macy's and their Christmas decorations, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, FAO Schwarz, Rockefeller Center and a bunch of other places. We'll have to go back and we'll have to make the Christmas time trip a yearly tradition! Avery did not go with us because that would have been too long to go without a nap. Some kids can just fall asleep anywhere, but Avery sees every social situation or new experience as something she doesn't want to miss. It was probably better anyway. The rain would have been interesting. So would the subway and all the walking (even with a stroller). We did learn some valuable info... ONLY WEAR COMFY SHOES!!! You'd think we would have thought of that, but even semi comfy shoes become horrible after that much walking.

Well, I'll be going now. Avery's waking up from her nap and I still need to get some Christmas decorating done. :) I'll TRY to get back here to keep up with this thing. I'm not making too many promises as to when.