Monday, October 18, 2010

What's in a name???

So, with this little boy inside of me kicking and punching like Jackie Chan, I'd like to have a name to call him so that I can tell him specifically to knock it off some days. I had an initial list that I started when we found out it was a boy, and Jonny's job has been to add/delete names to the list until we can narrow it down. Here's my "issue." I have had so many students in the past that create negative connotations in my head about their name that we're limited. So... here's our list, past and present. Ones that are in all CAPITALS are ones that are still on the list. Ones that have an (*) asterick are ones that Jonny has contributed to the cause. All of those that are written in upper and lower case letters have been vetoed by either Jon or me.


Then... of course, we've had a lot of people give suggestions as to what we should name him. These include some plausible names and some (that I'm hoping) are just for fun... I figured I'd even open it up to those facebook friends of mine who would like to put in their two cents. Here is the extended list. (Not saying that we're actually using or even considering some of these... but I thought it would be fun.)

Mufasa                                Bryce                          
Kyler                                  Mason
Dwight                                Allister
Finnigan                              Bo                              
Klae                                   Jude                                  
Angelo                               Liam
BJ                                      Charlie                        
Skylar                                Jade                                  
Henry                                Isaiah
Caleb                                Graham                       
Elijah                                Garrett                             
Kade                                Isaac                               
Evan                                 Josiah                           
Patrick                              Micah                               
Cole                                 Jackson
Noah                                Griffin                           
Keenan                             Makmud                          
Gavin                                Harry
Logan                               Colton                          
Britton                              Norman                           
Everett                             Tanyon
Zechariah                          Duncan                        

Let me know what you think. You can respond to this post or to my facebook page or email account : :)  This should be fun...