Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let it SNOW!!!

IT HAS SNOWED!!! Okay, so not a ton, but enough to see footprints in. So it counts. Enough for people to crazily rush to the store and even cancel activities. So it definitely counts. This is just the beginning of our holiday crazy weekends. :) Love them. We were out a little when it started to snow and Avery was a little perplexed at the "fuzzies" that kept hitting her in the face. We went home and touched the snow on our gate with our hands and talked about how cold it is. She and I put our faces to the glass and watched the snow come down and talked about how pretty it is. I even told her that we could go outside in the morning to play in the snow if she wanted. She seemed excited. Today I offered her the option of going out in the snow and playing. She said yes! I bundled her up from head to toe. I walked her outside and stood her in the first few inches of snow in our yard. She began to yell NO!!! Oh crap. She hates being so unsure of her footing and new textures. She only recently started walking on the grass. Ava screamed bloody murder when we tried to take her to the beach this summer. (She wasn't feeling well that day either.) I tried putting her out in the yard a little further for better pictures (of course I took pictures.) She hated it and began to fuss. :( I took her hand and led her back to the house. She liked that part... as long as I held on to her hand. She hates that unsteady feeling on her feet. Our five minutes in the snow was long enough. But I got a picture. Too bad she looks grumpy.

We also got our tree today. :) My dad picked it out. It's super pretty. Ava just kept saying "tee??" (tree) when we put it up. True. Putting a tree INSIDE a house may seem strange, but you'll get used to it little girl! She loved the lights. OH BOY!!!! is her typical "I see lights" phrase. She helped me put ornaments on (or at least handed them to me.) Our house is getting Christmasified. Slowly but surely. Maybe we'll even get some of the outside lights put up soon. :) Hope your holiday season is getting underway!