Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby #2

There is going to be an addition of a new family member soon. Avery is going to be a big sister in early February. We found out on Friday that the little bugger that is kicking me is a boy. :) I'm due, officially, on Feb 6th. However, when I went to the doctors they informed me that they'll keep an eye on the size of baby boy to see if he'll be bigger than Ava - which is likely in the statistical realm. If he is, they'll recommend another Csection instead of me trying to deliver him normally. Not sure how I feel about this. That would mean they'd schedule me at least a week ahead of time... in January. We'll see.
When we went for the ultrasound to find out the gender little man wouldn't cooperate at first for the ultrasound tech. She finally said, "I THINK your daughter is going to have a little brother." Hmmm... not all that confident. She didn't even show us conclusive "proof" that IT would be a HE. Then the doctor came in. Not long after the doc started the ultrasound, the little one was laying there with his legs spread wide open. The doc, who had been talking to us with big medical terms and such just moments ago, started talking about the baby's "third leg" and making Eiffel Tower referrences!! He even felt it necessary to show us 3D images of the baby's anatomy to make sure we knew it was a boy! Although I was glad that we had some definite "proof," it was kinda' awkward... (Ummm... okay. You can stop flashing pictures of my kid's privates up on the big screen now... Please stop making penis jokes...) Guess he was just trying to have a "normal," non-medical conversation. The baby wouldn't let anyone take really good pictures of him though. The one I'm posting is of him at 11ish weeks. (No he doesn't have an abormally long nose. He has his hand beside his face and what you see is his hand on the other side of his nose.)
Mom had been wondering for years when there would be any grand children coming. Now she's going to have 4 grandchildren in 4 years. (Avery/March '08, Cayson/July '09, SweetPea Sciortino/Nov or Dec '10, and Baby Boy C/ Jan or Feb '11) She's gotten her wish. (I don't think Rachel and RJ are REALLY going to name their baby girl SweetPea, but you never know. She won't tell family the name they picked. SweetPea is the best we've gotten.)
Kinda funny that we're now going to be trying to figure out boy stuff as Rach and RJ are figuring out how to live in Princess Land. Avery doesn't quite understand this whole "baby" thing yet. She originally thought we were going to "get" baby Hannah who comes to our house time and again. I think she now knows that we're getting a "newer model." She also has decided that I am having a baby brother and she'll have a baby sister. She even tells me she's drying off her "baby" when she gets out of the shower and dries her stomach. People keep asking her if she's going to have a baby brother soon, and she replies, "No. I'm having the baby sister." Hmmm... I don't think I'm going to try to explain this one. She's excited about being a big helper though. We keep reassuring her that a baby is going to be a good thing. I've told her several times about all the kinds of things she can help out with and all the things she's going to be able to teach the baby. She seems excited about that part. We're praying for a smooth transition.
People keep asking me if we have any names yet. I have a whole list. Jon has yet to narrow it down or tell me anything. Before we knew the sex of the baby his reasoning was, "I don't want to use any unnecessary mental energy on names for the wrong sex." Now he told me he'll get to it after this weekend. He has a half an hour. :) Just kidding. If it's anything like picking Avery's name, he got out a whiteboard and wrote down a bunch of names and slowly began to cross them off as he decided that he didn't like them as much as the others. This could be a long process... hoping it isn't. :) When we have a decision, I'll post it.